About Us

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Mission Statement: 

At Spectrum Learning Centers, we know stuff.

Our Mission is to offer the best possible training and testing activities which in turn boost our client’s future performance, thereby empowering the achievement of goals.

The coursework is thoughtfully adapted to suit real world environments and the constantly changing world of technology.  We cover a broad array of materials reinforcing community relationships through electronic mediums. This translates into tangible deliverables inspiring, developing and training an individual to achieve their full potential.

Because we treat every customer with respect and highest level of care, many of our new clients are through referrals. At Spectrum Learning Centers our success comes only after our clients achieve their success.

Value Proposition:

At Spectrum Learning Centers we provide our clients with a unique blend of technical training and computer based testing. Our Instructors are experts working in their field and use real world experience to make the material relevant and immediately applicable.  While the information is fresh in your mind, you can take your certification exam right in our office, seven days a week.  We offer a wide range of courses at corporate discount rates that will enable you to gain an edge in today’s competitive market place.

Green Statement:

We believe that everyone and every thing can make a difference. We strive to leave the world in a better state than we found it. To that end, we bike to work (weather permitting), turn off all lights, computers, monitors and non-essential powered items when not using them. We purchase items made with recycled materials and then recycle them again. We installed timers on appliances, changed lighting to more energy efficient and dress appropriately to reduce heating and AC use. We believe these simple day to day changes will help to make the world a little bit better and set a good example for our clients, families and others. We are proud of our effort to make our contribution.