Business Objects

Overall Score4.5
  • Xcelsius/Dashboards
  • Crystal Reports
  • Web Intelligence
  • Explorer
  • Business Warehouse
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI (also known as BO or BOBJ) is a suite of front-end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data.
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business objects

Web definitions

A business object is a type of an intelligible entity being an actor inside the business layer in an n-layered architecture of object-oriented computer programs.

Business Objects XI

1. The Fundamentals 2
BI Launch Pad Login Screen 3
BI Launch Pad Home Screen 4
BI Launch Pad Folders 5
Viewing documents in the Folder view 6
Practice: View Folder Contents 6
2. WebI Report Editing 7
WebI Document Features 8
Viewing Your Document 10
Document Properties 11
Modifying a Document 12
Practice: Open a Document in Design mode: 12
User Prompt Input 13
Practice: Changing a Prompt Value: 13
Saving Documents 15
Practice: Updating a previously saved document 15
Practice: Saving with a new name or folder 15
Exporting a WebI Document 16
Practice: Exporting a Web Intelligence document to Excel 2007 16
3. Editing Documents 17
Accessing Data with WebI 18
Editing Practice 19
The Filter Bar 20
Applying Report Level Filters 21
Practice: Apply Filter 21
Using the Add Filter Feature 22
Sorting Data 23
Practice: Sort Call Industry 23
Ranking 24
Practice: Apply Ranking 24
Mathematical Functions in WebI 27
Practice: Create a Summary 28
4. Other WebI Features 29
Conditional Formatting 30
Practice: Applying Conditional Formatting 30
Scheduling Reports 32
View History 34
5. Glossary 35
6. Operators for Report Filters 37

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